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How to Secure Your Brand Reputation with Automation by Eliminating Label and Packaging Errors

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Protecting Leading Brands

And how automation can improve factory operations by:

Provide full audit trails & performance reports.

Provide control at every stage of your processes.

Automate paperless QA checks.

Provide the tools to optimise factory performance.

Integrate control of equipment into a single system.

Customer Story

“Heinz chose the OAL Autocoding system because they were the only suppliers we reviewed to offer 100% read rates on products. The integrated quality checks on the Autocoding system and ability to offer 24 hour support have added significant value to the business.”

Robin Sandman, Engineering Manager 

“We chose the OAL system because it’s a tried and tested solution that provides the compliance we need. It's easy to use and has helped us focus by accurately recording line stoppages and identifying areas for improvement."

Julie Rice, Operations Director

About OAL

OAL have been providing food manufacturers with turnkey process, automation and technological solutions for over 25 years. We understand the demands of a 24/7 operation with tight deadlines and short shelf-life products and our OAL Connected software can help you optimise the day-to-day running of your factory.

OAL Connected protects the world’s leading brands on over 1,070 packaging lines from product recalls related to label and date code errors. The system ensures compliance with all major UK retailer’s codes of practice and our team of ex-industry professionals can help you ensure food safety.

Secure Your Factory Today With OAL’s Autocoding

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We are innovators and understand it’s not just the packing line that needs to be measured. With OALConnected we can pro-actively verify, control and measure every step of the process, from the first feed of raw materials right through to the finished product.

 Food Manufacturers choose OAL Connected to secure their products, secure their factory and secure their brand.

Understanding the 5 common errors that lead to product recalls.

How automation can overcome these errors.

Help build positive supply chain relationships.

Secure your brand against label and date code errors.

Reduce the risk of human error leading to damage to brand reputation.

You’ll learn how automation can secure your brand by:

Fix the following errors: